QC Kentei Examination

QC Kentei Examination

UniKL MITEC, in a significant recognition of its capabilities and commitment to quality education, has been entrusted by the Jabatan Standard Malaysia to play a pivotal role as the representative for Malaysia in hosting the very first pilot QC Kentei Grade 4 examination within the country. This endorsement of UniKL MITEC’s capabilities underscores its position as a leading institution in the region.The initiative was made possible through the generous funding provided by the Japan ASEAN Integrated Fund (JAIF), highlighting the international cooperation and support for educational and quality standards initiatives. The examination event took place on October 16, with UniKL MITEC and UniKL MFI serving as the host venues. This collaborative effort was made possible through the partnership between the Japan Standards Association and Jabatan Standards Malaysia, reinforcing the importance of cross-border collaboration in promoting quality standards and education.

The QC Kentei Examination is a globally renowned International Quality Certification Program, originally established in Japan. What makes it noteworthy is its impressive track record, with over 1.322 million individuals having previously participated in this rigorous certification program. QC KENTEI, which stands for Quality Management and Quality Control Examination, serves as a comprehensive assessment tool for evaluating individuals’ knowledge and expertise in key areas such as Quality Management (QM), Quality Control (QC), and Kaizen, which focuses on continuous improvement. It is designed to cater to individuals who are either currently employed in various organizations or are preparing to enter the workforce, ensuring that they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to quality assurance and improvement initiatives.

The examination process was closely monitored to ensure its proper execution and adherence to established standards. This monitoring team included four members from the esteemed Japanese Standards Association, who brought their expertise and experience to oversee the examination process. Additionally, Mr. Mohd Hamzaini Bin Hashim represented Jabatan Standards Malaysia, emphasizing the collaboration between international and national bodies. The commitment to maintaining the integrity of the examination was evident through the participation of Miss Sueyasu Izumi, Mr. Daisuke Saito, Miss Hatsune Miyamori, and Ms. Moe Nakajima, who ensured that all aspects of the examination were conducted with the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy.Ultimately, the examination attracted a diverse group of 73 candidates, each representing different sectors and industries. It is worth noting that all 73 candidates successfully completed the examination, reflecting their dedication to enhancing their knowledge in the domains of Quality Management, Quality Control, and Kaizen. This achievement not only underscores the importance of such certification programs but also reflects positively on UniKL MITEC and its partners, who have played a pivotal role in expanding access to and recognition of international quality standards in Malaysia.

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